Tuesday, December 06, 2005

This blew my mind! I use orange zest in recipes alot...I just bought some organic veggie wash from Vermont Soap Works. I wonder if it removes this dye?

Looking for organic vitamins? Grocery store foods are fast becoming a poor source of nutrition:

"Grocery stores, it seems, put far more emphasis on visual appearance than nutritional value. This isn't surprising, since consumers typically select produce based almost entirely on appearance. Oranges from Florida, for example, are frequently dipped in a red dye that gives them a deeper, more saturated orange color preferred by consumers. The only problem is that this orange dye has been banned by the FDA for use in foods due to its proven cancer-causing ability. But the Florida orange industry gets away with using the dye by claiming it's only used outside the orange, not inside. With that strange caveat, the FDA allows its use. "

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