Monday, December 26, 2005

U.S. Consumers Shun Organic Foods Because Of Price

U.S. Consumers Shun Organic Foods Because Of Price: "December 13, 2005
U.S. consumers are among the least likely shoppers from around the world to regularly purchase organic food and beverage products, according to a new online global survey from ACNielsen.

When asked about their purchasing of organic alternatives from 11 food and beverage categories, just six to 15 percent of U.S. consumers said they purchase such products regularly � well short of the average among consumers from all 38 markets included in the study.

Across all regions, the main reason for purchasing organic food and beverages is that consumers believe such products are healthier. The secondary reason cited by consumers in all regions except Europe is the perceived health benefits for the shoppers� children. In Europe, more people cited benefits for the environment as their secondary reason to purchase organics.

For those who never buy organic food or beverage products, which includes 40 to 72 percent of U.S. consumers, depending on the category, the main deterrent is price."


I'm one of the people in the second catagory. I've started buying organic food for my family, and am finding the meats taste better. Organic carrots are sweeter...there really is a noticeable difference (positive) in most everything I've tried, and I thought there wouldn't be.

And I find I am more aware of our food, since I paid a premium for it. for instance, I save peelings of carrots, celery and onions to use in stocks that I make from the organic chicken bones.

I feel I pay more attention to eating as well. And we are eating salads every night now that I'm paying more for the greens, lol! So yes, organic is more expensive, but worth it to this mom, in more ways that one!


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