Friday, January 27, 2006

Japan Beef Ban Prompts U.S. Probe - Yahoo! News

Japan Beef Ban Prompts U.S. Probe - Yahoo! News: "WASHINGTON - Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns said Friday the U.S. government is investigating a shipment of American beef to Japan that may have contained material considered at risk for mad cow disease, a discovery that prompted Japan to announce another halt to beef imports.

Johanns ordered several actions intended to reassure the Japanese.
'We take this matter very seriously,' the secretary said in a statement. 'We are in communication with Japanese officials and we will continue that dialogue to assure them that we take this matter very seriously and we are acting swiftly and firmly.'
Johanns said the plant that exported the meat in question is now barred from shipping more beef to Japan. He also said the government inspector who cleared the shipment may be disciplined, and that Agriculture Department investigators are being dispatched to Japan."

Sure they won't let that plant ship any more meat to Japan. But selling it in the U.S? Apparently that's just fine!

Solution? If you must eat beef, find a local farm and buy it from them. Locate a local farm here CA,too

Or try here:

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