Saturday, February 10, 2007

Can Food From Cloned Animals Be Called Organic? -

Can Food From Cloned Animals Be Called Organic? -

From the article:

"One of the principles of organic production is to encourage biodiversity," said Sligh, who was on the committee that drafted the organic rule in 2000. Without a doubt, Sligh said, the mass production of genetically identical critters runs counter to that.

How do you feel about eating cloned animals meat and drinking their milk? What if it was ok to call all of it organic? Does 'cloned organic meat' or 'cloned organic milk' sound appetizing to you?

Since the cloners are pretty smart, they will most likely drop this fight in order to not have to lable their products as "Made From Clones". If it is decided that organic means not from cloned animals then they can argue that, if people want to avoid cloned foods they can just go organic.

Another way for cloned food to end up on your dinner plate without your knowledge. Yum! Just like all of the genetically engineered foods everyone is eating without knowing it! The perfect pair!

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