Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Advice for Worried Pet Owners -- What's the Safest Food for Your Dog or Cat?

Advice for Worried Pet Owners -- What's the Safest Food for Your Dog or Cat?: "I understand that people are scared," said Dr. Tony Buffington, DMV, Ph.D, a professor at the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. People are upset and I appreciate that."


Another quote regarding making your own pet foods:

'These recipes are all generally fine, but certainly home-cooked diets are not created with the care that these commercial pet foods are,' he said. 'Commercial pet foods for dogs and cats are designed by Ph.D. nutritionists. There are very few humans that have diets that are designed by Ph.D. nutritionists.'"

Reeeeeeally Dr.Buffington? Methinks thou hast not read "Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Foods." By Ann N. Martin. NewSage Press (1997).

I just put an excerpt from this book on my Organic Foods Mom website here. It's one thing to measure the protein and other nutrients in the rendered meat meal, or meat and bone meal to seemingly balance the finished product. It's quite another once you understand where the meat and bone meals come from.

From the book excerpt at my site above:

"At the rendering plant, slaughterhouse material, restaurant and supermarket refuse, dead stock, road kill, and euthanized companion animals are dumped into huge containers. A machine slowly grinds the entire mess. After it is chipped or shredded, it is cooked at temperatures of between 220 degrees F. and 270 degrees F. (104.4 to 132.2 degrees C.) for twenty minutes to one hour.

The grease or tallow rises to the top, where it is removed from the mixture. This is the source of animal fat in most pet foods. The remaining material, the raw, is then put into a press where the moisture is squeezed out. We now have meat and bone meal."

Read the whole excerpt at my website. I have a recipe for dog and cat foods along with some guidlines about the specific needs of each if you'd like a copy just contact me.



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