Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Join Mission Organic 2010. Pledge Now to Buy Organic.

Mission Organic 2010 is the coolest thing to happen to food since some wonderful person opened the first natural foods co-op. Read on for more.
Even though the market for organic products has experienced tremendous growth in the last decade, only three percent of the food now purchased in the U.S. is organic.
But you can change that. Join Mission Organic and pledge to buy at least one organic item for every ten purchased.

With support from you and others, the amount of organic food consumed will skyrocket to 10% by 2010. As sales of organic products increase, more and more farmland will be converted to organic agriculture. And more households will be introduced to organic alternatives.

The day is approaching where organic food choices will no longer be the exception. They’ll be the norm.

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